Redeemer Delft

Start A Community Group

Tell Us About Yourself

Please use the same contact information as in your MyChurchSuite account so that we can link it easily.

A Bible study, mission trip, kids' or youth ministry, etc.

Tell Us About Your Idea

Think of something fun and creative. e.g. "Chariots of Fire"

This will be on the marketplace of groups. Communicate what you want people to know about your group. e.g. "Are you a keen runner? Do you want to join some other people to explore the Delft countryside?"

Please provide a HH:MM in 24 hour time.

Think about the group dynamics and the number of people who will fit into the location you are using.

You can be as specific as you want to be, but the general location will be a factor in people's choices.

If you will be meeting on an irregular schedule or by agreement.

Is there someone who wants to help you lead the group? If so, please give us their name.

This will help us have an idea of how many leaders will be available in the coming year. You can always change this.